My wife seems to be losing her place in my life.

Lately, our relationship has not been producing much fruit for my wife and myself. To be quite honest, I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but there are times when I feel like I’m outgrowing my wife. Things have changed for my wife, who was formerly a top girl at her London escort business. I don’t know if it’s because of our marriage or what, but she seems much more subdued now. While our time together as clients of a London escort agency at London X City Escorts was fun, I’m not sure we have much of a connection now that things are different.

Chrissie was a total firecracker and the ideal sex kitten when we first met at London escorts. There are a million different ways she loves to party, and she used to stay up all night long. One weekend, along with a few other girls from the same London escort service, we went to Rotterdam. We rented a car and stayed at a fantastic sex club outside of Rotterdam; we were completely smitten with one another the whole time. That journey was very thrilling.

Truthfully, I had hoped that my life with my wife would be jam-packed with romantic escapades like that, but alas, it has not been. We haven’t seen much of her former escort buddies from London since she quit. Our personal sex life is fantastic, but since being married, we’ve lost the daring attitude that we have before. I long to rediscover that chapter of my life and immerse myself in thrilling new experiences.

Maybe it’s just a figment of my brain, but ever since we left London escorts, I get the impression that my wife is more into other things. Yes, I am aware that life isn’t all about the luxuries enjoyed by adults, but I’m also starting to feel stifled. I wish my life had been so much more interesting and full of adventure; I despise that. You probably already know that I don’t fit the mold of the stereotypical husband or male.

Is my wife too old for me? One of my wife’s stated goals in life is to launch her own business, among other aspirations. While working with London escorts, she fantasized about this very thing. I can take care of us just fine on my own, and I don’t want my wife to worry about anything other than our marriage and our home. Perhaps I should stop seeking fulfillment in our relationship and seek it elsewhere; something is missing from it.  To feel this way was completely unexpected. I did, in fact, tie the knot with the most alluring member of our neighborhood London escort service.

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