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My physical physique is never been one that’s very slender like most the people that I grew up around as a young girl. When puberty hit I was always the one with the biggest hips and the biggest boobs plus having the biggest bum. As an adolescent/teenager those attributes that you do not want and you definitely don’t want the attention that comes along with it. It’s only when I got to my late teens early 20s and I started working for cheap escorts in London that I realise that having the biggest hips the biggest boobs and the biggest bum was a real asset.  

So a lot of people think that London escort I just skinny girls with long hair extensions and fake boobs but that’s not the case. Ask her the escort‘s also know how to have a lot of fun to. I did quite well at London sports and get quite a few bookings majority of people just like my character but let’s face it a lot of them like the way that I look. I always make a joke at London escorts in the reception in this room and say I think Kim Kardashian for making big hips and big bums popular. Hello my clients to book me at London escorts say that I look like Kim Kardashian just with a bit of a tan.  

I don’t mind being compared to Kim she’s sexy in my eyes. When I first started London escorts it wasn’t always easy though I was surrounded by girls with long legs really slender body is hardly any bum and hardly any boobs and I did stand out a bit as I was completely different. I even experience some bullying in some way shape and form but they didn’t put me off I felt confident about how I looked and who I was and I knew that I would make a fantastic London escort.  

There is girls he used to tease me at work some of them have befriended me some of them have just decided not to talk to me at all from honest I’m not that bothered I’m just here to do a good job and get paid. A lot of the girls who had befriended me from London escorts always ask me what is that I do and what exercises I do to keep my bum so around and plump and my boobs so gorgeous and voluptuous. I tell them nothing I tell them I was just born this way but the truth is I do kind of do some regimental exercises that helps keep the muscles in my chest tight so that my boobs are nice and perky even though they are quite big and I do about 100 squats per day. The size of my ass I need to keep it as perky as possible for as long as possible. Well ladies need to know is that gravity is not kind to your butt or your boobs.


Spicing Up Your Relationship

It is human instinct to obey patterns because protection and certainty are given by consistency. However, when they contribute to dissatisfaction in a relationship, predictable patterns may become troubling. It can arouse enthusiasm, increase your respect for each other, and improve your relationship overall by adding a little spice to your relationship with your significant other.

Do different things.

Through experiencing new things together, one way to interact and bring some encouragement to your relationship is. Come up with a list of stuff you’d both like to do. From attending a dance class or seeking a new sexual role, this can be something. A couple of ideas include:

Explore various kinds of kissing. 

It is convenient for lovers to fall into the trap of kissing over and over an identical way, but there are plenty of different forms of kissing.

Try a different approach to foreplay. 

Men and women have very different ideas about what is important during foreplay. Check out a different foreplay strategy. Throughout foreplay, men and women have very different views about what is necessary.

Participate in role-playing. 

Sexual role-playing games can certainly jazz up situations. Pretend to be strangers and meet up at a pub. Have the other person create an identity. Feel free to play hard to get a bit.

Setting dates for sex. 

You make dates for watching a movie or having dinner, so you can make a date for having sex, too. For those of you with kids, this is particularly important. Set up a time alone for lovemaking and make sure that all distraction is removed from the bedroom or, better still, check into a hotel. Note-you are lovers, not parents, during this period.

Get flowing with the adrenaline. 

After feeling fear, or some other adrenaline-producing sensation, both men and women have been shown to become more sexually aroused. Do something that causes a sensation of fear and arousal. Maybe it just puts you both in the mood.

Be spontaneous.

You don’t have to map out anything you’re doing. Spontaneity can be an effective way to add to your current relationship intensity.

  • Delight your partner when he comes home by cooking dinner in lingerie-or, even nude.
  • The next time you get together for lunch, let him know you’re not wearing your undergarments under your skirt in the middle of the meal.
  • The next time you both have sex, pick a new place in your house to have sex.